Open mouth and insert foot…

The Prime Minister of Hungary has a lot of ‘splanin to do. Over the weekend, Mr. Ferenc Gyurcsany (don’t ask me how to pronounce that…and I thought Hassaballa was bad!) said, “I think that there were very many terrorists also among the Saudi soccer players, and our sons fought with death-defying bravery against these terrorists, so a draw away from home is a fantastic result.” He was quoted by the state news agency MTI.

Wow! “Death-defying bravery” in playing a soccer match to a draw? What, did the Saudi players have bombs strapped to their chests? Did they have suicide-bomb belts?

The Prime Minister later apologized for his remarks, and he said that his comments were made in the “context of a TV show parody” and anyone who took them seriously was driven by “political intolerance…or even ill-will.” Interesting excuse.

Still, this incident highlights the extent to which Islam and Muslims have been inextricably linked to terrorism. I mean, if the Prime Minister of Hungary says something like this, even as a joke, I wonder what the “Average Joe” on the streets Budapest, or Paris, or Berlin thinks? Boy, we Muslims have a lot of edumacatin’ to do.


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