What sort of creatures are they?

Thankfully, the death toll was much less than last year, when 170 people were killed in attacks on the day of Ashura, one of the holiest days in the Shi’i religious calendar. Thanks be to God, the Shi’is in Karbala, the site of last year’s attacks, as well as most other Shi’is in Iraq, were able to celebrate in relative calm and peace this year. The Shi’is in Baghdad, however, were not so fortunate. Several suicide bombings rocked the capital on Saturday, with 30 dead and 130 wounded.

The most gruesome of attacks was this one, as quoted in a Reuters news report: “a man wearing a vest laden with explosives boarded a bus close to a Shi’ite mosque in the Khadamiya neighbourhood and blew himself up, according to witnesses and the U.S. military.
Police said 17 people were killed and 41 wounded.” In another attack, attackers used an Iraqi with Down’s Syndrome as a human bomb. “This is the third time they’ve used a retarded person,” said Col. Adnan Abdul Rahman, a spokesman for the Iraqi interior ministry.

What sort of creatures are these? On a day when they should have been fasting in serene reflection and joyous commemoration of God’s victory when He freed the Children of Israel from Egyptian bondage; on a day when they should have been remembering the brutal murder of Imam Hussein, the Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) grandson, they attack and kill innocent Shi’i Muslims in cold blood. What sort of creatures are these? They can’t possibly think this is even remotely sanctioned by Islam, can they? How, in God’s Holy Name, how?

How can such brutality be labeled as pious? How can such blood-thirstiness be seen as holy? How could they think that God is pleased with what they do? How could they think that the God of Noah, Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Moses, David, Solomon, Jesus and Muhammad (peace be upon them all) would ask His servants to kill innocent men, women, and children? What sort of creatures are these? What sort of creatures?


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