Why? Why such senseless violence? Why such wanton murder? Why such fierce hatred? On Monday, a huge suicide car bomb in the Iraqi town of Hilla killed over 100 people. The bombing occurred as people lined up for government jobs. It was the worst single act of vicious terror since the American invasion two years ago. This after a suicide bomber in Tel Aviv killed five people outside a nightclub, shattering the fragile cease-fire between Israel and the Palestinians. Why?

I know I am safe here in America. I know I do not live under foreign occupation, which I pray will end as soon as possible. I know I have not seen what others have seen. Still, why kill innocent Iraqis lining up to get jobs in their country’s new government? Why kill innocent Israelis going to a night club? Why?

These people can’t possibly think God is telling them to do this. They can’t possibly think God approves of these sort of crimes. They can’t possibly think God smiles when innocent blood is shed like that. Why kill innocent people? Why?

Lord God, please stop this senseless cycle of violence in the Middle East! Lord God, please bring peace to the Holy Land, so you can be worshipped there in peace and harmony! Lord God, please bring stability to Iraq and end the violence that is gripping that country! In Your Most Holy Name I ask these things, Lord God. Amen.


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