Saying Sorry to God

On the popular Muslim site Muslims!, for which I write a weekly column, I wrote a letter to God. In it, I spilled my all to the Lord, even though He knows everything in my heart. Yet, it felt good to bear my soul to Him, for He is so Loving and Merciful, and I found it to be very therapeutic.

And when I wrote that letter, I could not complete it without saying I’m sorry. How could I stand before His Beautiful Face and not say sorry? How could I stand before His Loving Presence and not be ashamed for all my sins that I have committed in the past, every time the eyes of others do not fall upon me? How could I not be filled with regret for all the times I give in to the demons of my darkness and fall short of His Glory? How could I not say sorry, especially remembering everything He has done for me?

And it was easy. He is so Loving, so Merciful, so Compassionate, so Peaceful, it was easy to run back to Him and say I am sorry. My love – even though sometimes I don’t show it from my stupidity – is overflowing for my Creator, my Master, my Lord, my King. I love Him so much, and I know He loves me, for if He did not, I would not be walking on this earth, enjoying His Precious Bounty.

This begs such an important question for me: why, then, is it so hard to say “I’m sorry” to those whom we love? Whether it be our spouses, children, parents, or even friends, why is it frequently hard to do? I mean, if we truly love them, would we purposely do something to hurt them? Would we willfully try to make them upset? I hope not.

Yet, we are human beings, and thus we are bound to make a mistake and hurt the ones we love. Yet, so many times, we find it hard to say “sorry.” Why? Ego, plain and simple. We can’t muster the strength and courage to admit when we are wrong. Yet, it is a very important thing to learn how to do. Our relationships will be much stronger and deeper when we can say “sorry” when we make a mistake. The same goes with one’s relationship with God. Thus, if it is easy to say “sorry” to God, then it should be easy to say “sorry” to our loved ones. Let’s start trying, today. I bet we will like what will happen.


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