To God We Belong…

In the Name of God, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful

This just in…a powerful 7.6 earthquake flattened villages in South Asia today, killing hundreds of people. It is feared that 1,000 may have been killed. The earthquake appears to have been centered 58 miles north-northeast of Islamabad at a depth of six miles. The U.S. Geological Survey said that the quake hit 8:50 AM local time (while people were fasting, presumably).

“The damage and casualties could be massive, and it is a national tragedy,” said Maj. General Shaukat Sultan, Pakistani Army’s chief spokesman. “This is the worst earthquake in recent times,” he said.

To God we belong, and to Him shall we return.

I ask the Lord God to forgive all those who have perished. The gates of Paradise are open during Ramadan, and the gates of Hell are closed. Thus, I am almost certain that these people are on their way to a better place than this earth. Yet, only God knows where each person is headed after death.

I ask the Lord God that He send down His strength and soothing comfort to those who were not killed by the earthquake. The next days and weeks will be most painful indeed. May they rebuild their lives and get to enjoy the month of Ramadan as we enjoy it in peace and security here. In Your Most Holy Name, O Lord, I ask these things. Amen.


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