Careful When You Turn On Your Microwaves!

In the Name of God, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful

Be careful when you turn on your microwave, because, the FBI might be watching! In a shocking revelation, first leaked to U.S. News and World Report, the government has confirmed that it was secretly – and without warrant – monitoring hundreds of Muslim sites across the country, including right here in Chicago, for “radiation levels.” The sites include mosques, homes, businesses, and warehouses.

One source close to the program told U.S. News that targets were “tasked on a daily and nightly basis.” The targets were “almost all U.S. citizens.” The source continued, “A lot of us thought it was questionable, but people who complained nearly lost their jobs. We were told it was perfectly legal.” So much for freedom of dissent in Bush’s America.

Federal officials have vigorously defended the program, even if it requires them to go on private property. Muslims were shocked and outraged that the government would do such a thing. And what was the end result? Says one source: “There were a lot of false positives [Ramadan iftars being heated?], and one or two were alarming. But in the end we found nothing.” [emphasis added]

It really surprised me, but at the same time, I really wasn’t surprised. This Administration thinks it can do whatever it wants under the guise of the “War on Terror,” and it hopes no one will care because it is Muslims who are being monitored, detained, spied upon, and harassed. Well, I got news for you: we all should be concerned.

Today it is Muslims, but tomorrow…who knows? Once the government gets powers the Constitution did not allow it, it will be very difficult to give it up, and in the future, who knows? The government will be spying on everybody for everything. We must stand up to this abuse of power.

And on another note, it is becoming very difficult for Muslims in America these days. We are being spied upon, they are monitoring radiation levels around our homes, we are frequently guilty before being proven innocent, our faith is constantly maligned as a “violent, warrior cult”, and our Prophet (pbuh) is being called horrible names. [Sigh] May the Lord God help us.

But, you know what? The most important thing is that we continue to do what is right. We should continue to be upstanding, law-abiding citizens. We must continue to worship God in the way He should be worshipped. We must continue being good citizens, good neighbors, good co-workers, good Americans. We must not let the stupidity of the current Administration taint our view of this country, which is – at its essence – good and pure. We must (look at the top of the page) “never let the hatred of a people toward [us] move [us] to commit injustice.”

If we do these things, God willing, we will be ok, and the Lord will help us. And in the end, just like the source told U.S. News, they will “find nothing.”


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