By The Grace of My Precious Beloved…

In the Name of God, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful

By the Infinite Grace of the Most Holy Lord God, I became a published author on Tuesday February 21. The Beliefnet Guide to Islam was finally published by Doubleday on that day. It is a culmination of months of hard work, but it was work that I was so happy to undertake.

I have always wanted to publish a book on Islam, and God has blessed me to work with the wonderful people at Beliefnet, who gave me such an opportunity. I am forever grateful to God and them for this book.

Now, there are tons of books about Islam. Many of them are absolutely excellent. Many more, however, are horrible, full of mistruths and outright lies in order to tarnish the faith I hold so dear. Yet, I still feel this book has a place. I wanted to write a book to explain in non-scholarly terms what it means and feels to be a Muslim. I want the reader to feel like he or she is sitting at the kitchen table across from me – with a cup of coffee or tea – and having a friendly conversation about what Islam is all about.

This book does just that. What’s more, my co-author (a wonderful human being) and I sift through the terms that are in the minds of most Americans and demystify them. We deconstruct the charged rhetoric around such terms as jihad, we explain how Islam does not call for the murder of all non-Muslims, we shed light on the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) – who has been in the news lately, we explain how women are truly equal in Islam, and much, much more. I think this book should be a definite addition to your library.

Once again, I would be terribly remiss if I do not wholeheartedly thank the wonderful people at Beliefnet. I love them as family, and I cannot put into words how I truly feel for them (and I am a writer). I hope and pray that I work with Beliefnet for years to come and that we continue to do wonderful things in cyberspace together. If you have not heard of or checked out Beliefnet, you should do so now. You won’t be disappointed.

Check out the main book page on Beliefnet’s website, and go out an buy this book!


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