A Poem For Mary and Jesus

In the Name of God, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate

For most of the world, December 25 is a national holiday, where most stores, restaurants, businesses, etc. are all closed for the holiday marking the birth of Jesus Christ (pbuh). For me, however, as a Muslim who does not celebrate Christmas, December 25 is just another day. In fact, I frequently work on Christmas Day, and on this Christmas, I am taking call so my partner can enjoy Christmas with his family without being paged from the hospital. It is my pleasure to do so.

Still, even though I do not celebrate Christmas like my Christian friends do, it does not mean that I am not thinking about Jesus Christ (pbuh). I can’t help but think about him this entire season, with Christmas songs playing just about everywhere I go.

But it is good to to think of him, one of my most beloved of God’s Messengers, a beautiful man sent to guide his people from the errors of their ways. I always think of Jesus Christ (pbuh) in the best of lights, and I pray that I may be with him in God’s eternal paradise, sitting beside him and enjoying God’s fruits.

It should never be shocking that a Muslim says thus, for Jesus (pbuh) is prominent in our faith. No, he is not worshiped as God, but he is still important nonetheless. I feel the same about all of God’s Prophets and Messengers, and I pray that the Lord blesses me with communing with each and everyone of them for all eternity, enjoying their company and living the good life alongside them.

So, once again, even though I am not technically celebrating Christmas like most everyone else, I still wanted to do something special for all those who do celebrate this day with their families and friends. I wrote a poem about my beloved Jesus and his mother, and I hope and pray it does their beauty and their majesty justice.

What was it like, when you stood there alone?
Praying in the East, on you His Light ever shone?

What was it like, when the angel came before thee?
Frightening you greatly, shattering your tranquility?

What was it like, when you were told the news?
That unto you was born the Messiah of the Jews.

Did you not know, that you were more than worthy?
That God chose you above all, that He favored you greatly?

Did you not know, that before you came to be,
The Lord already declared that magnificent were thee?

What was it like, when the Spirit was blown?
When our master was conceived, a miracle to be shown.

What was it like, as you left in fear?
Afraid of the slander that may be placed in the ear?

How did it feel, when the pangs came in earnest?
Did you feel deserted, that the Lord had no interest?

What did it sound like, when our master to you spoke?
How soothing was his voice, covering you like a cloak?

How sweet was the fruit that fell from the tree?
Did it comfort your mind, fill you with tranquility?

How sharp were the stares when, with him, you arrived?
Did their shock give you pain, that they would think you would connive?

How powerful was his voice, when he proclaimed the truth?
Were they amazed by his grace, as he shattered the lies of the uncouth?

O Blessed Mother, upon you I perpetually pray for peace.
And also upon your son, I pray blessings cover him as a fleece.

And if, O Blessed Soul, I get a chance to kiss your hand,
It would be the most honored place I could ever stand.

From my family to yours, may you have a very Merry and Happy Christmas holiday.


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