This Is Exactly Why Islam Will Win

In the Name of God, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate

What happened today is exactly why Islam will win against the terrorists and fanatics. A car bomb exploded in front of the Danish Embassy in Islamabad today around 1 P.M. local time, killing at least six people, according to the Associated Press story. Although at this point, no one has claimed responsibility, suspicion has fallen on Al Qaeda or its offshoots.

In the story, it says:

Ben Venzke, CEO of IntelCenter, a U.S. group that monitors alQaida
messages, said the bombing was likely the work of the terror group or one of its

He said alQaida laid out an extensive justification for attacks
against Danish diplomatic facilities and personnel in a video last August, and
repeated its threat earlier this year.

“I urge and incite every Muslim who can harm Denmark to do so in support of
the Prophet, God’s peace and prayers be upon him, and in defense of his
honorable stature,” IntelCenter quoted alZawahri as saying in an April 21

Cowards. Beasts. Barbarians. The Prophet (pbuh) would never, never, never approve of such depravity. From the very beginning of his ministry, he was insulted, called names, and even physically attacked. Never did he kill innocent people in revenge. When he first got up and spoke to the people about his Prophethood, his own uncle screamed out, “May you perish!”

The Prophet (pbuh) did nothing.

In fact, this uncle, Abu Lahab, continually harassed the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), so much so, that he would follow him around Mecca: whenever the Prophet (pbuh) finish talking to a group of people, he would come after him and say, “Don’t listen to him! He is crazy!”

The Prophet (pbuh) did nothing.

As the threats, insults, and physical attacks continued throughout his ministry in Mecca, and the Prophet never responded. When it became too much for him, he went to Ta’if, a city not far from Mecca, for help. They violently rejected him, sending the street children to stone his feet until they became bloodied. After his expulsion, he prayed to the Lord in the most beautiful prayer I have ever heard and said, “If You are not angry with me, then I do not care what happens to me.”

Immediately, the Angel Gabriel and two other angels came down to him, and Gabriel said, “Say the word, and they will crush the mountains over Ta’if.” The Prophet (pbuh) said no, because “Perhaps God will bring forth descendants who will believe in Him.”

And it happened. In fact, I heard in a sermon that the person who brought Islam to the Indian subcontinent – presumably the ethnicity of the cowardly bombers in Islamambad – was a Muslim from Ta’if.

When the Prophet (pbuh) emigrated to Medina, he did not immediately attack Mecca. It was only after the Meccans attacked them that he responded. Yes, he raided caravans, but the Meccans had seized all of the possessions they left behind, a clear act of war.

Never, never, never does the publication of a silly cartoon insulting the Prophet (pbuh) justify the attack and murder of innocent people, no matter what the faith, no matter what the ethnicity. It is the result of a sick, twisted, and evil mind that would do such a thing.

This is why Islam will win. Islam has never sanctioned such barbarism, despite what people may claim. Further, more and more Muslims will see these terrorists for who they truly are: sick, satanic murderers who lust for blood and mayhem. They do not speak for Muslims; they do not act on Islam’s behalf. They are the enemies of all Muslims, nay, they are the enemies of humanity, and we must all band together to stop them.


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