Ramadan Greetings to All

In the Name of God, the Subtle, the Loving

September 1st marked the beginning of the month of Ramadan, during which Muslims the world over abstain from food, drink, and other sensual pleasures from dawn until dusk. It is a very special time of year, and Muslims gather together both to break their fast and to pray special ritual prayers in the mosque.

My mind is full of wonderfully warm memories of Ramadan, even though fasting can sometimes be difficult to do. Since the calendar is a lunar one, the beginning of Ramadan starts about 11 days earlier each year, rotating around the entire Gregorian calendar (and seasons) about every 33 years or so.

So, now, Ramadan will occur during the long, long, long, hot days of summer (did I mention the days are long?).

But, it is all for a wonderful cause, and I pray that the Lord showers us all with interminable blessings and rewards during this most special month. So, from my family to yours, let me send greetings of a most blessed, honorable, and happy month of Ramadan.


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