"Allah Made Me Funny" is…Really Funny

In the Name of God, the Subtle, the Loving

Muslims have been known for a lot of things (many of them, unfortunately, are not very positive) in the minds of many people in America. Yet, one thing that they are not known for is being funny.

Until now.

Three Muslim comics, one of whom is a very dear friend of mine, have come together to form an unlikely grouping: Allah Made Me Funny tour. They started out in purely Islamic gatherings, such as the annual Islamic Society of North America conference, making Muslim conference goers laugh. More and more people talked about them, and they decided to form a comedy troupe.

And they made audiences laugh across the country.

The comics of “Allah Made Me Funny” – Azhar Usman, Preacher Moss, and Mohammed Amer – talk about being Muslim in America, portraying the challenges and pitfalls, while simultaneously poking fun at Muslims in a lighthearted way. Not only do they convey the truth about Islam and Muslims – that we are not a terrorist cult; that we are not a violent people; that our religion is truly about peace – but they are able to entertain at the same time, without being dirty and diminishing your spirit.

And they could not have come at a better time. Our community has gone through quite a bit of stress after September 11, as did the country. But, it does wear on you when you continue to be looked at with suspicion; when your faith and its principals are continually under attack; when most of the images of Islam and Muslims in media are overwhelmingly negative. We need a stress reliever, and there is nothing like laughter to do just that. And “Allah Made Me Funny” makes you laugh, and laugh, and laugh, and laugh.

All of the comics of “Allah Made Me Funny” come from different backgrounds and different life paths. But they are united in both faith and purpose, and they are a refreshing image in the cacophony of images that comprise Islam and Muslims. They embody all that is good about Islam and Muslims: that people who should not be brothers are just that because of Islam and nothing else. They show the country and the world that Islam has room for comedy and laughter. They also show the Muslim world that it is OK to laugh, and they teach Muslims that sometimes, we just have to laugh at ourselves, and that is OK as well.

After many shows, they finally decided to make a movie, which opened this weekend in select cities across our county.

Go see the movie!

I had seen their act several times, so I thought that I would not see anything new. But, I was pleasantly surprised, and it made me laugh my head off. I nearly choked to death on my soda, I was laughing so hard!

What I liked even better than the comedy – which was excellent – was the personal stories of the three comics. That was the best part of the film, and I wish “Allah Made Me Funny” had more of this. Yet, still, this film is a breath of fresh air, and I encourage everyone to see this film with their friends and family.

This film is extremely important for America at this time. The images of Islam in the media and popular culture are decidedly negative, but it is not the true story. Indeed, there are Muslims who do terrible things, and they misrepresent the truth of Islam. Unfortunately, there are some who want to use this fact to tell the whole story of Islam for us.

But, the story of Islam – and particularly that of American Islam – is a positive one. It is a story of millions of good, honest, hard-working citizens who contribute to our country’s greatness each and every day. The comics of “Allah Made Me Funny” are part of that story, and this film helps tell their story in a wonderful way. We need more of such films.

But, in order to make more of these films, “Allah Made Me Funny” has to succeed. Therefore, go and see it. The website has all the details about where it will be shown and how to purchase tickets.

“Allah Made Me Funny” is a great film. You will have fun, get a great laugh, and positively contribute to the diversity of film in America. It will be in theaters this week only. Don’t miss this historic opportunity. You will not be disappointed.


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