A Doctor’s Prayer

In The Name of God, the Subtle, the Loving

Recently, I read a “Nurse’s Prayer” at one of the hospitals at which I work. It was a very nice and uplifting prayer. It got me thinking: I have not seen a “Doctor’s Prayer.” I wonder why?

So, I came up with one:

Precious Lord, I ask You in Your Most Holy Name
That I treat all those who seek my help the same
Regardless of status, station, wealth, or fame

I ask that You give me clarity of thought and mind
So that I, with Your help, can always find
The right diagnosis each and every time

I ask that You never let my compassion fade
Or let my tongue become as a sharp blade
Or let me worry only about how I get paid

I ask that my hand always be a source of comfort
That I never cease to exert every effort
To find what ails the person I see
And take him out of pain and misery

I ask that I always keep in my mind’s eye
That it is You who heals and not I
So that if I ever, by Your Grace, “bring life to the dead”
That miracle You wrought never goes to my head

Above all, my Lord, never let me lose my smile
Never let me lose my joy, even for a while
And I ask that You bless me as long as I live
And that health and joy is all I will ever give.

7 thoughts on “A Doctor’s Prayer

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  2. do you mind if I cross-stitch this for a Wonderful Dr that has stood my me and my family for the past year and a half and 10 surgery later, he will be moving and us practice to a new state and no longer will be here to take on my care and wanted to thank him.And you could not have said it
    any better.

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