It Came Once Upon A Powerful Night

In the Name of God, the Subtle, the Loving

Though the years were kind to his blessed soul
The world and its tribulations took a tremendous toll
Justice was offended and the well of mercy had long gone dry
And frequently unheeded went the desperate and terrified cry

The darkness of the times suffocated his heart
And the stench of iniquity pushed him far apart
And so he would forsake warm home and loving spouse
To contemplate on mount and in cave, with a view of Holy House

And it came once upon a powerful night
When, in the blink of an eye, darkness turned to light
And one who was alone on mount and in cave
Felt the presence of the Holy Spirit, and this message it gave:


Terror and fear filled the pure vessel of his soul
Complete surprise at His method to enroll
“I cannot read,” was his honest reply
Yet the Messenger had no choice but to comply

Squeeze and compress was the Spirit’s next act
And the Beloved thought that death was his in fact
“Read!” once again the Holy One implored
After he released him and to him his breath restored

“I cannot read” was the terrified response
From the Purest Soul who could not lie, even once
And fierce again did the Spirit compress and squeeze
Taking all breath and in terror did he freeze

“I cannot read” the shaken uttered once more
The same honest words as he said before
Then the Angel took the Noble One in strong embrace
And then unleashed the words of the One With Grace

And as the Spirit delivered the Message as he did before
Into the Noble’s One’s heart the words of the Lord tore
And from that day forth, we have been forever saved
By one single word into a pure heart engraved

And despite all the terror, fear, and fright
And the experience that baffled sense and sight
Our Beloved did not waver, though he did take flight
For it came once upon a powerful night.


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