Dr. Hassaballa in the Chicago Tribune

In the Name of God, the Subtle, the Loving

Thanks be to the Lord, I have been blessed to be a guest poster on The Seeker, the blog of Chicago Tribune Religion reporter Manya Brachear. Today is my first post to coincide with the, now failed, attempt to bring the Olympics to Chicago. It is reproduced below.

Religious leaders must be city’s conscience

Hosting the Olympics in 2016 is nothing short of an immensely exciting opportunity to showcase to the world what a tremendous city Chicago truly is. As residents of the city of Chicago, we should all support the effort to bring the Olympics, and the eyes of the world, to our great city. Yet, religious leaders have an extra obligation and responsibility: to ensure that the arrival of the games do not adversely affect those in our city who are most vulnerable.

Religious leaders must be the conscience of the city, so that the Olympics does not do more harm than good to the citizens of Chicago. That includes that the poor are not unjustly displaced to make room for a new stadium; that all of our neighborhoods benefit from the arrival of the Olympics, not just the more affluent; that entire city can reap the benefits of a new Chicago once the games are long and gone. That is what religious leaders should do; nay, it is their obligation to do so.


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