Happy Birthday, Habeebee (My Love)

In the Name of God, the Subtle, the Loving

Happy Birthday, habeebee
On this day, you came from Him to me
You filled my world with felicity
You brought my heart tranquility

Happy Birthday, habeebee

You brought so much light to my life
When I saw you, gone was my strife
You rid me of all the stress that was rife

Happy Birthday, habeebee
Your smile melted all ice and snow
The room would shine with your glow
My love for you never ceased to grow

Happy Birthday, habeebee
It pained me so much to see you fall
I had always wanted you to stand tall
But it never diminished my love at all

Happy Birthday, habeebee
It was so hard to watch you become so ill
My chest would tighten with your fever and chill
Every cough would make my heart stand still

Happy Birthday, habeebee
The day we lost you was the absolute worst
It was like no water with a horrible thirst
There is no greater torture, chapter and verse

Happy Birthday, habeebee
I thank my Lord that He gave you to me
I was blind, but with you I could see
I was caged, but you made me free

Happy Birthday, habeebee
You don’t know how much we loved you
How much we still miss you
How much we adored you

Happy Birthday, habeebee
Every day without you is so hard
Some days we can’t move a shard
Despite so many well wishes and regard

Happy Birthday, habeebee
To keep me calm, there is only one thing:
The knowledge that now you can sing
And you are flying in the presence of the King

Happy Birthday, habeebee
Happy Birthday, habeebee
Happy Birthday, habeebee


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