20 Questions For The Terror Suspect

In the Name of God, the Subtle, the Loving

When I think about Umar Farook Abdulmuttalib, there were a number of questions that I have for him. If I could have questioned him, these are the questions I would have asked:

1. Where did you get the money to pay for this ticket in cash?

2. Why is it only a one-way ticket?

3. Are you moving permenantly to the United States?

4. If so, why are you carrying no luggage?

5. Why do you have no carry on bag?

6. Did you ship your belongings ahead of time?

7. Do you have proof of this?

8. Why don’t you have a coat?

9. Don’t you know Detroit is cold in December?

10. If you are moving permentantly to the United States, why do you have a tourist visa?

11. Do you have family in the Detroit area?

12. With whom are you staying in Detroit?

13. Do you have an address at which you will be staying in Detroit?

14. If you are going to study in Detroit, which Univeristy is it?

15. Do you have proof that you are enrolled at this University?

16. If you are going to study, then why don’t you have a student visa?

17. Where are you going to visit in Detroit?

18. What is the manner of your visit to the United States?

19. Do you have an itinerary for your proposed tourist trip in the United States?

20. Do you have proof of any hotels, resorts, or other tourist destinations that you have booked for your tourism in the United States?

All of these questions came off the top of my head just because I was faced with a 23 year old male buying a one-way ticket to the United States in cash. And I am not a trained security official. Furthermore, depending on his responses, more logical questions will come up. Note that none of these concerns had anything to do with the man’s religious background.

So, with these glaring red flags missed by security officials, why are so many people talking about racial and religious profiling?


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