“I Can Feel Your Halo”

In the Name of God, the Subtle, the Loving

Beyonce sings about the love of her life, the one whose "Halo" she can both see and feel. This person has made the walls she built around her tumble down, and "they didn’t even put up a fight" or "even make up a sound." She speaks so highly of this man: she has her "angel now" after finding a way to let him in. She tells him:

It’s like I’ve been awakened
Every rule I had you breakin’
It’s the risk that I’m takin’
I ain’t never gonna shut you out

Everywhere I’m looking now
I’m surrounded by your embrace
Baby I can see your halo
You know you’re my saving grace

You’re everything I need and more
It’s written all over your face
Baby I can feel your halo
Pray it won’t fade away

I really was taken aback by how much praise she heaps on her love. She seems to be completely overtaken by this person:

Hit me like a ray of sun
Burning through my darkest night
You’re the only one that I want
Think I’m addicted to your light

I swore I’d never fall again
But this don’t even feel like falling
Gravity can’t forget
To pull me back to the ground again

If she has been blessed to have someone who fulfills her in this manner, that is a wonderful gift indeed. I have been blessed with a spouse who is truly wonderful: the woman I have always wanted. I would be lost without her. I thank the Precious Beloved for her. Yet (my wife excluded), I would be very wary to put so much faith in a human being, who can fall and disappoint. Perhaps, this man did disappoint Beyonce, because later, she was in a club after breaking up saying to her man, "If you like it, then you should’ve put a ring on it."

Yet, there is one human being that can fit this song perfectly and never disappoint: the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Only the Prophet (pbuh) can have a light that is addicting; only the Prophet’s (pbuh) light can burn through the darkest night; only the Prophet (pbuh) can be "the only one I want." Only his halo can be seen and felt and never let you down. Everyone who came into contact with him was taken aback by his physical beauty, his spiritual fortitude, and his extraordinary character. Despite being his most bitter enemies, the Quraysh only trusted the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) with their most precious belongings, for they knew that he was the most honest man in Mecca. This is precisely why he waited until the very end to flee to Medinah: to give back his enemies their entrusted belongings. What an amazing man. When he came back to Mecca as a conquering hero, he forgave his bitter enemies. Everyone was afraid of his vengeance, but all he told them was: "There is no blame on you this day. You are free." What an amazing man.

Many people may seem to have a "Halo" around them that can be seen and felt. Yet, only the Prophet’s halo is everlasting. Only the Prophet’s halo won’t fade away. He is the best person to be your saving grace. And, if we never shut him out, we will be all the better for it.


One thought on ““I Can Feel Your Halo”

  1. Salaams!

    Wow, how I missed your Friday kutbahs at UIC in the years since graduating. I am glad I found you through Wajahat’s blog. Thank you for continuing to share your thoughts, humor and wisdom with all of us.

    Aalia Khawaja
    UIC ’01

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