Hope Found in “Lost” Finale

In the Name of God, the Kind, the Beautiful

This was published on The Seeker today.

It was with great anticipation that I watched the series finale of “Lost,” and I was hoping to have all my questions answered. Sadly, I must admit that I am still left a little…well, lost. Were they always dead? Did they all die in the plane crash? I still do not know who the “others” are. What is the significance of the ancient Egyptian statue? I am a little confused. Nevertheless, it was a great episode, and it was one that left me thinking for quite a while after it went off the air.

Obviously, the entire episode was an exercise in speculation. No one has died and come back to tell us what happens after death. That being said, most major religious traditions do have descriptions of the afterlife, Islam being no exception. Still, it was interesting to “experience” being dead with the major characters and see what happened to them when they “awakened” to the fact that they were actually dead.

Personally, based on my personal Islamic faith, I do not believe that I can die and not realize it. The descriptions of what happens to the soul around the time of death are quite vivid in our tradition. Yet, the most powerful and emotional parts of the entire show were the moments when the various characters recognized each other. It brought me to tears.

It made me think about the day I hope to be re-united with my precious daughter who passed away nearly a year ago after battling cancer. There is not a day that goes by when my heart does not tighten with the pain of knowing that she is gone, never to come back on this earth.

Watching the characters’ tears flood their eyes with happiness gave me a glimpse of the kind of unmitigated joy and ecstasy I will feel when I see my daughter – cancer-free and even more beautiful than she was before – again. And I hope and pray that the next time we are all re-united, it will be in the peace and bliss of God’s Garden.


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