Dr. Hassaballa Among Winners of Poetry Contest

In the Name of God, the Kind, the Beautiful

By the Grace and Beauty of the Precious Beloved, I have been named a winner of a poetry contest run by Zain Bhikha Studios, in concert with the release of his newest single, “First We Need The Love,” which occurred in May 2010.

Zain Bhikha is one of the most prominent Muslim singers in the world today. His music is uplifting, spiritually nourishing, and profoundly pensive. Not only does it soften the heart, it makes you think and reflect about the beauty that is our Lord. I am blessed to have listened to his music.

When they launched his latest single, ZBS held a poetry contest, calling for poems about Love. The catch was, however, that the poem must be four lines long. I entered the contest with no illusion or expectation that I would win. I just did my best. And to my great surprise, I got notification this morning that I was one of ten winners. It was a nice start to my day.

Here is the winning poem:

The first smile on your child’s face
The warmth of your mother’s embrace
The salvation of the Precious Lord’s Grace
Is Love that cannot be replaced

I thank the Precious Beloved Lord for His grace in letting me be among the winners. Check out the rest of the winning poems here.

AND, one last thing…let this be the beginning of a new era of my writing:

The forthcoming publication of my book of poetry, Son of the Servant.

Stay tuned for more details.


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