A Real Condemnation

In the Name of God, the Beautiful, the Kind

No more rhetorical games. This time I condemn in the harshest terms the recent bomb attacks in Uganda. It made me sick to my stomach that anyone would think to kill innocent people who were simply watching a soccer game. What barbarism.

Officials immediately pointed the finger at Al Shabab, the Somali terrorist group affiliated with Al Qaeda, or as I like to call them “Al Khawarij,” the Kharijites. Time will hopefully elucidate the killers behind such a cowardly attack.

If it is Al Shabab, I did not take the time to write this because I have a need to distance myself from every act of terror committed by “Muslims.” I am going to give my people the benefit of the doubt that they can understand the difference between real Muslims and the “Muslims” who commit terror in their name.

But, for some reason, the Lord moved me to speak out, as my Prophet told me to.

A leader of Al Shabab said to the AP: “May Allah’s anger be upon those who are against us.” Let me tell you this: I know that Allah is indeed angry, but at the butchers behind this terror attack. May Allah bring comfort to those who have lost their loved ones, and may Allah bring those who were behind the attack to justice. Amen.


3 thoughts on “A Real Condemnation

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  3. Hi…I am new to your blog and I got to it through the article you wrote for Islamicity. I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised and I’m glad that someone has enough time to sit down and and it’s almost as if you’re saying whats on my mind! I find you very brave for putting your full name on here and contradicting terrorist groups. Please be careful!!!! Congratulations on the blog and keep doing what your doing.

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