Introducing My New Book: Noble Brother

In the Name of God, the Kind, the Beautiful

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has been the subject of intense love and admiration by millions upon millions of people. Volumes upon volumes have been written about the man and his ministry, his legacy, his example, and his message. Hours upon hours of speeches, lectures, and sermons have been given about the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his story, his actions, and his sayings. Poets and sages have sung his praises throughout the years, and rivers of tears have flowed in devotion to the son of Abraham. Scores of the faithful have visited his mosque and grave and shed tears of joy and elation at their finally being able to be with their beloved (this author included).

At the same time, the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has been the subject of intense hatred and guile. Many have maligned the Prophet (pbuh) as a “terrorist,” “pedophile,” and other horrible things. The Prophet (pbuh) has been depicted pictorially in truly vicious manners, both in the Middle Ages and in the past several years. I remember reading Dante’s Inferno in college, and I read how my Prophet (pbuh) was being tortured in one of the lowest circles of Hell. Numerous articles and books, full of lies about the Prophet (pbuh), have been published and cited for decades and decades.

Yes, the Prophet (pbuh) has been loved by many and reviled by many.

And it is true that some of those who claim to love, honor, and revere the Prophet (pbuh) have done truly horrible things. There are some who claim to love the Prophet yet commit ferocious atrocities in the name of his faith. There are some who claim to honor the Prophet yet defile his legacy by taking innocent life without any regard or remorse. There are those who claim to revere the Prophet (pbuh) but then destroy life, limb, and property “in defense of his honor.” Seeing the response of some Muslims who “love the Prophet,” I thought to myself: Can there be a better way to show the world what love of the Prophet can do?

The answer was an unequivocal “Yes,” and that’s how Noble Brother, my newest book, came into being.

There are many ways to tell the epic and amazing story of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). It can be told as a historical account, such as the Seerah of Ibn Ishaq and the many subsequent histories based upon his work. It can be told as a novel, and there are those who have done this as well. Yes, scores of poets have composed beautiful sonnets and stanzas about the Prophet. But rarely has the Prophet’s story been told entirely in poetic verse.

Noble Brother does just that.

By the Grace and Mercy of God, I am blessed to introduce to you Noble Brother. It is the entire story of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in poetry. I took his amazing life story and told it in individual poems, each chronicling different parts of his life and ministry.

For those who are familiar with the Prophet’s story, it is a refreshing and unique way to revisit the Prophet’s story. It is a book that is to be “savored in small pieces at at time” says Muslim blogger Aziz Poonawalla. Yet, for those who are not familiar with the Prophet’s story, Noble Brother is an excellent way to get to know more about him. By presenting history in poetry, Noble Brother makes learning about the Prophet much more enjoyable than simply reading a historical account.

Of course, this is not a comprehensive history of the Prophet’s life. I do include the historical background of each poem as an Appendix, but once someone reads Noble Brother, it is hoped that he or she is motivated to learn more about the Prophet. In addition, this book is an excellent way for school children, both Muslim and non-Muslim, to learn about the Prophet Muhammad, making it much more fun and interesting. Noble Brother has something for everyone.

My book has been published by Faithful Word Press and is available for sale online. You can also get a personally signed copy of the book sent to you directly as well.

It is my hope and prayer that those who read this book will get to know the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) better, if they are not familiar with him, and grow to love the Prophet even more if they are familiar with him. As Eboo Patel, President of the Interfaith Youth Core, said:

“[Noble Brother] is a beautiful introduction to the life of the Prophet for those who are not familiar with him and will serve to increase love and devotion in those who are.”

It is my hope and prayer that you, my dear reader, will enjoy reading Noble Brother as much I enjoyed writing it.

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