Dr. Hassaballa’s Writing Featured in Suburban Chicago Website

In the Name of God, the Kind, the Beautiful

Thanks be to the Precious Beloved, my article on Beliefnet about Thanksgiving was featured on a suburban Chicago website. It was a nice recognition:

A typical American Thanksgiving might include turkey and pumpkin pie, family and friends, football games and thanking God.

But nowadays Thanksgiving is just as likely to include fufu (a goatmeat and green pie), a visit to the temple and prayers to many different gods–or to no god at all.

"Growing up, my family frequently would get together on Thanksgiving Day for dinner," says Hesham A. Hassaballa in his 2003 blog post entitled Ramadan, Eid, and Turkey Day. "We would not celebrate the holiday, per se, but we were all off work, and so it was convenient to have dinner together. Furthermore, we ate turkey because it was on sale at that time."

But later in the same post, Hassaballa explains that as he got older he decided there was nothing wrong with Muslims celebrating Thanksgiving as long as they honored Islamic principals while celebrating.

Read the rest of the article here. It is a very good read.


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