Noble Brother Featured in Chicago Crescent

In the Name of God, the Kind, the Beautiful

Thanks be to the Precious Beloved, my newest book, Noble Brother, was featured in the Chicago Crescent, a local Chicago area Muslim newspaper. The review was very positive and is reproduced below.

A life of perfection – presented in poetry

As he stood before the grave of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings upon him, in Madinah, the author couldn’t stop the tears from streaming down his face.

“Finally I have come so far to be with the man who has guided every aspect of my life, even though he died centuries before I was even born,” writes Dr. Hesham Hassaballa in the introduction to “Noble Brother” – the story of the Last Prophet in poetry.

It is this same love and humility that permeates every page of this book. The author’s sincere devotion to the Prophet Muhammad is an inspiration for every reader, young or old. It is equally interesting for those well versed in the seerah of the Prophet and those that are not.

The best part of this slim edition is that after enjoying each poem, readers can flip to the appendix for a brief historical background that will add layers of meaning to the already rich words. Even if you have read and re-read stories like “The Boy and the Monk” and “Retreat to the Cave,” reading them in the form of poetry will be like adding another dimension to the life of the greatest man that ever lived.

Excerpt from “Noble Brother”

His Work is Done

His Work is done, and the people have believed
The disquiet in the soul he has beautifully relieved
Order was restored to the house that Abraham built
Out of scattered tribes was sewn a radiant quilt

The darkness of the past was as dust
Shines on the heart replaced the rust
A new era of humanity was conceived
His work is done, and the people have believed

My thanks to the Chicago Crescent for this review. To order your own copy of Noble Brother, visit


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