Muslim Matters Gives Noble Brother Excellent Review

In the Name of God, the Beautiful, the Kind

The award-winning Muslim group blog, Muslim Matters, just gave my book of poetry, Noble Brother, an excellent review.  Here it is:


Every so often someone comes up with the idea of doing something truly unique, and then I think to myself “argh, why didn’t I think of doing that?” When I came across Noble Brother, a sira (biographical account) of the Prophet Muhammad (s) in poetry form, I immediately knew that this was one such stroke of genius.

We all know that at the time of the Prophet (s) poetry was the primary means of media, and from the loins of the Arabs emerged many talented poets.  This did not change with the emergence of Islam, and in fact many Islamic poems celebrated the love of Allah (swt), the life of His Prophet (s), and all things related to His Message conveyed through him.

So what more fitting way to convey the entire life story of the Prophet Muhammad (s) than in verse? In a time when the written word is being supplanted by “fast food media” such as television, movies, and text messaging (and now twitter), it is important to value the power of the written word, especially when wielded in verse form.  Dr. Hesham Hassaballa’s book Noble Brother does exactly that, and beautifully so.

The text does not disappoint, and is very professional and poignant.  Imam Suhaib Webb calls it a “magnificent book!”  Since you will likely take his word over mine, all I will say is that I could not agree more.  This book deserves to be circulated far and wide, and it is in fact groundbreaking in the nascent genre of Islamic books in English.  But don’t take my word for it…Here’s one beautiful excerpt from the book, recounting the flight of the early Muslims to Abyssinia:

Slow but sure did grow the Messenger’s call

Fast and swift did come the enemies’ gall

And as the faithful grew in number all the while

So did the treachery, torture, murder, and guile

Thus did the Messenger sadly send away

Kith and kin to a land where their fears allay

And where they are foreign they will find

A King who is just, honorable, fair, and kind

Swiftly, though, the plan did the enemy discover

And quickly they sent an emissary to recover

A friend of the King who sought to return

The Believers to the city where they will burn

“We are kin!” declared the Messenger’s blood

“We bow to the same God,” Master of the Flood

And so proof of their divine call did the King demand

And the Companion did recite the Word of God on hand


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