Don’t Let Them Win

In the Name of God, the Beautiful, the Kind

When I first learned of attack, I was disgusted to my very core. An apparent suicide bomber detonated a car bomb, killing 21 and injuring dozens more outside a Church in Alexandria, Egypt. What barbarians! Just like one Egyptian woman said,

Why would my son or brother go to celebrate the mass by prayer, not by drinking or doing drugs or anything like that, but by praying in the church, and then this would happen to them at the church gate? What religion or law, whatever it is, would approve what happened yesterday?

No religion or law would approve. It takes a truly depraved person to think that he (or she) will go to Heaven by killing himself and others who chose to spend the New Year, where millions of others engage in drunkenness and debauchery, in a house of worship glorifying God. I pray those behind the attack are brought to justice and rot in a jail cell for the rest of their lives.

My heart goes out to the families of those who lost loved ones in this heinous murder. As a father who lost a child, I know full well the horror of having to bury one’s child. As an American Muslim of Egyptian descent, I stand next to my Egyptian Coptic brothers and sisters in condemning this vicious attack.

As soon as I learned of this attack, I saw straight through the apparent aim: to rip apart Egyptian society along religious lines. There were reports of clashes between Christians and Muslims in the wake of the attack. That’s what these neo-Kharijites (khawarij) want: to foment destruction. They are as Satanic in their aim as they are barbaric in their actions.

Do not let them win. After the dead are buried, after the Church is cleaned up, after the investigation is completed (and hopefully, the perpetrators brought to justice), Egyptians must stand together. For centuries, Copts and Muslims – all Egyptians – lived and worked together in peace and harmony. Indeed, there are clashes from time to time – but that is the fruits of the ignorant.

Muslims worship the very same God as the Coptic Christians. Muslims honor and revere Master Jesus Christ as well. Yes, their faith traditions may differ, but they are still one: one brotherhood as Egyptians. This attack, in addition to senselessly taking lives, was trying to ignite religious violence in Egypt. I call on all Egyptians – who share my very same ancestry – in the Name of the Precious Beloved Lord whom we all worship, to refuse to give the barbarians their “victory.”

In the Name of the Precious Beloved Lord whom we all worship, stand together against hate and barbarism. In the Name of the Precious Beloved Lord whom we all love, stand together against the forces of evil and violence. In the Name of the Precious Beloved Lord whom we all adore, stand together during this difficult time and resist the forces of intolerance. This attack was not just against a Church: it was against all of Egypt. Do not let the Satanic terrorist barbarians win.

May the Lord our God comfort all those who have lost loved ones. May the Lord our God shower His soothing healing over all those who were injured and bring them swift recovery. May the Lord our God bring those behind this attack to justice as swift as possible. In Your Most Holy Name do I ask this. Amen.


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