As Terrorist As They Come…

In the Name of God, the Kind, the Beautiful

The wave of protest and revolution continues to roll all across the Middle East. After Egyptians, with whom I proudly share ancestry, toppled their dictator after a mere 18 days of largely peaceful protest, now their neighbors to the West have done the same. In Libya, the people have stood up and said, “Enough” to their leaders, calling for democracy and the freedom to choose their own path and destiny.

But the regime could not stand this. Numerous reports have surfaced that the regime of Moammar Al Ghaddafi has brought in foreign mercenaries to fight and kill unarmed protesters in the capital Tripoli. Indeed, it is difficult to confirm many of the reports, but they keep coming from many different sources. In fact, another report claimed that two Libyan pilots crashed their planes rather than follow orders to bomb the civilians in Benghazi, the country’s second largest city.

And now it seems the country has been split in two: the eastern half being wrested from the regime, and Tripoli remaining in the hands of a madman who will not flinch at mowing down unarmed protesters in the streets.

It is without doubt that a man who straps a bomb on his chest, walks into a pizzeria in Tel Aviv, and detonates the bomb is a terrorist. It is without doubt that a man, yelling “Allahu Akbar” or “Down with the government,” who flies a plane into a building and killing innocent people is a terrorist. It is without doubt that a person who bombs any house of worship – church, synagogue, mosque, or temple – is a terrorist.

But to bring in foreigners to your country to kill your own people; to order your own Air Force to bomb unarmed protesters in your own country; to gun down protesters chanting, “Salmeya, Selmeya (“Peaceful, Peaceful”), like what I witnessed in a video sent from Bahrain: that is as terroristic as they come.

Why do they do this? Because the people want different leadership? Because the people want a say in how their lives are governed? Because they no longer accept to be treated like insects and animals? Because they want their dignity, long-stripped away from them for decades? Is this the reason to kill innocent people because they dare to stand up and claim their rights?

That’s as terrorist as they come.

What I have seen on the television (and smartphone) screens, what I have read in news reports, and what I have heard on the radio has disgusted me to the core, even more than I was when I witnessed the carnage in Egypt. These brutal dictators are truly criminal thugs, and they have absolutely no legitimacy whatsoever. I pray that the Lord protects the people of Libya, Bahrain, and any other country from the brutality of their leaders and those in charge. And I pray that the freedom I enjoy here in the West comes to every oppressed person on this earth.

Yes, someone who blows himself and others in a crowded market is a true terrorist. But so is a man who orders planes and helicopters to fire upon and kill his own people, simply for raising their voices in protest. That is as terrorist as they come.


3 thoughts on “As Terrorist As They Come…

  1. Thanks for this. It relieves one’s feelings to be able to see them written down by another. Jazak Allah Khair. But if I may make one criticism, it’s that you have not been too lenient in your description of the Libyan leader… terrorist, as bad as it is, almost seems too gentle on him. Thank God for those brave Libyans who refuse to do this delusional figure’s devilish bidding.

  2. Terrorist terrorize and kill the innocent. Terrorist are not only poor, disadvantage, desperate, but can be wealthy, like Osama bin Laden. They can be leaders of governments, like Qaddafi and even leaders of big businesses who ruin the lives of the others for greater profit. All want power and material wealth at any the cost of others. Glad to see so many brothers and sisters stand up for themselves in the middle-east.

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