How Did You Do It?

In the Name of God, the Kind, the Beautiful

How did you do it, My Beloved King?
How did you manage to hear the birds sing?
When the pain of their loss would always ring,
In the evening, and in the morning, first thing?

How did you do it, my Knighted Captain?
How did you hide the grief you were in?
How did you manage to bring laughter and grin,
And not allow the torture push you into sin?

How did you do it, my Saintly Master?
How did you let the grief take you faster
Back to the Precious Beloved Master,
And not let anyone in on the pain to infer?

Did you think about Al Qasim as you entered the City?
Did you marvel at the color of his eyes, so pretty?
Did you clutch at your chest and resist the self-pity?
Or let a tear flow down your face in the midst of felicity?

Did the image of Abdullah oft enter your mind?
Could you almost see him when you would look behind?
Was his face and smile ever so kind?
Did the grief of his loss almost make you blind?

What was it like to bury Ruqiyyah, your daughter?
How was the pain in your heart as you held her?
How was it that you did not ever falter?
And let the torture change your faith or alter?

And then, you had to bury another ever so quickly.
Yet, warmth and light still came from you freely.
Did you think of her often, when the silence fell so slowly,
And there was none but you alone, thinking of her dearly?

I think of my heart, all torn without a seam.
And sometimes, I think I am in a dream.
But then I am awed by your amazing gleam,
For you buried Zainab without ever a scream.

How badly did it hurt to hold Ibrahim, so lifeless?
And clutch him in your arms, hold and caress?
How badly was was the torture of his egress?
How many more days did his loss bring distress?

How did you do it, my Beloved King?
How did you manage to hear the birds sing?
When the pain of their loss would always ring,
In the evening, and in the morning, first thing?


3 thoughts on “How Did You Do It?

  1. Nicely written Poem ,I would also like to see a poem on a positive constructive note. How did he do it : The stopping of the female infanticide. Within such a short time period of his life span ,a bad habit of men of those days from murdering the new born female to ,valuing women to the extent that no other region ,or religion or race valued a women to such a degree ,and to such high esteem.
    He said heaven lies ( not in the mars ) but underneath the feet of a woman ( that’s the mother feet) ,also father is saved from hell fire if he raises his daughters well,also the best man is the one who is best to his wife and in the Quran which he spoke from isnspiration stated live with kindness or leave them (woman) in kindness.

    Secondly how did he do it , the warrings Arabs were united . that no force could face them. As opposed to the Arabs of these days ,who only bow down to every thing else except God ,get defeated ,by any force ,including their own children . I think a poem to analyse how did he do . create unity . It will be relevant for the present day and it will be nice . United to implent selflessness to the benifit of mankind not just Arabs or Muslims will do a great deal of good. Instead of indulging in and for petrodollars,or to the gold coins and diamonds and bowing to it each time and every time. It was Gold coins and diamonds provided from south Africa through Lawrence of Arabia ,that the selfish revolts of the Arabs ended in the loss of Turks control of the holy Land and now it is the fear of loss of petrodolars and for the petrodollars that the youth are revolting and one Arab nation is oblivious to the pain of the other. Where is the spine . Where is the love for the Unity ,love for the justice ,love for the compassion ,the discipline to institute a simple life style and a meaning ful lifestyle. Living with a purpose to impement peace in each house and in each country . on a Global basis.
    Yes the King of Kings has selfless lifestyle , courage to institute peace , discipline to remove oppression upon the women and that of the money lenders upon the poor masses of those days and remove the blood thirsty behaviour of that of the war mongerers. Are we not supposed to live the life style of selfless sacrifices , and sanctification of the Creator and to strive to achieve peace and hormony ceaselessly until we cease to exist ? In order to achieve this goal he the emperor of the emperors ,the doctor of the doctors put his personal pain and pride aside and ruled the world with compassion , and healed the sick world ,sick with infighting ,sick with interest rates that would leach out a man as it is happening now.Wars and more wars ,being created in the pretext of WMD in Iraq ,in the pretext of humanitarian help Libya is converting into a Grave Yard, and strategically located Afghanistan is occupied for a straw man 9/11 When Men and Men have created it.with planes from above and Explosions from below bringing the towers down and then a reson to going to Afghanistan. It used to be called Crusades then and now it is Alliances the combosades ( crusades and jewsades). But what happened to Arab spine or Brain? How do they , Bow down to dollars and gold coins and diamonds. When the dollars is not even going to be the dolar anymore,neither do they have any leftovers of the gold coins and dismonds bags given to them by the Lawrence of Arabia. When can we and they learn to be true muslims to work for peace and praise God for the success . Rather than think that prayer is the only thing that or what we are born for. Look at all the masajid no social work no social improvements programs no soup kitchens ,only collect donations and talk ad nauseum about hijab and other theoretical stuff and stories no practical programs . No loans without interest programs , no feeding of the poor programs,no clinics to treat to the sick for educational encouragement to be the best in whatever you do to improve the human condition be it in law ,engineering or medicine or administration. Should we not be implenting good programs that will lasts for centuries,in answer to the enemies of Islam who have centuries of evil planning against muslims. Good deeds Annul Evil deeds . Repel evil deeds with good deeds .Not just praying and sanctifying. We have to be able to learn the practical lessons of Unity in the Community of Humans . We are after all worshippers of Unity of the Creator and we fail to strive to get united to implement peace among muslims in general and humanity in particular. Getting United gives strength to fight the Oppression and to cure the diseases the diseases of the society.
    ho other time in human history this kindness of reckless behviour is seen by the huamns. When we humans are suffering from the pandemic of Aids virus , we planning and engaging in wars, when we humans are suffering from the nuclear disasters we are planning are creating civil wars in another nation/nations. When we should as a human race help Japan , because today it is Japan ,tomorrow it could be any other country including America, Israel, India or Pakistan. Is it not a crying shame that at this time of human crisis which is from nature , we are engaged in creating civil wars and manmade disasters. Are we sure that the Earth Quakes will not touch nuclear reactors of the so called Super super power that engages in this creation of these manmade disasters. Think again . No matter what others do ,we as Muslims must engage in creating peace and Unity ,within one’s ownself and family and community and contry and hopefully it will have the ripple effect of Global peace. This should be the prayer and the struggle of each muslim until we breath our last.Not the reactionary fight for hijab or sharia law etc.We have to proactive workers for peace , providing food at the masjid is a good start. A full stomach is a peaceful cause for a peaceful mind and body. Feed so much non discriminately that they who eat at the masajid will bear witness to the goodness of the teachings of the teacher of the teachers teachings of Islam , that the political demonisers of muslims and Islam will be proved liars by the beneficiaries of our good deeds.Let our children and women carry this flag of goodness for centuries. For the Crusades have never ended ,will never end. It was said the world war 1 was the last crusade ,but we are witnessing this for decades in the form of alliances. So let us prepare our children to do good by us starting programs that tend to create peace.

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