Good Riddance

In the Name of God, the Kind, the Beautiful

Good riddance. At long last, the criminal murderer Osama bin Laden has been killed by American Special Forces. As the news percolated throughout the world, the myriad of emotions made it difficult to say just one thing about the killing of this man.

Then I started to think about all the horrific things done in this man’s name; all the barbarism that has been inspired by this “holy warrior”; all the strife that has befallen the hundreds of millions of innocent Muslims because of the criminal barbarity that this man has called for in the past.

Consequently, the words flowed out of my mouth: good riddance.

I received a message from someone who had mentioned his killing and said “May God have mercy upon him.” I had a hard time with that. This man didn’t show any mercy to anyone on earth that didn’t fit his ultra-narrow definition of “believer.” Thus, I can’t bring myself to ask God to have mercy upon him.

That is not to say that God cannot have mercy upon him. I am no one to predict or put words in God’s mouth. But I will not be someone who will beseech God to forgive Osama bin Laden. God will deal with him as he deserves. And God is a Lord of justice: bin Laden will get exactly what he deserved.

Even though it has been almost ten years since the horrific attacks of Sept 11, I am thankful that our country never gave up the chase; I am grateful that our President, our Commander-in-Chief, never gave up the fight to find that monster and bring him to justice. Indeed, his killing will not put a stop to the terrorist threat against our nation; it was naive to think otherwise. Nevertheless, it brings our whole country enormous satisfaction that we did finally get him.

Although this operation was a “kill” operation from the very beginning, I do admit that it would have been nice to actually capture bin Laden and bring to trial as the criminal that he was: in shackles and wearing a bright orange jumpsuit. That image would have been quite powerful indeed.

But I will gladly take his elimination from this earth. We are all better without him, and it brings to mind this verse of the Quran:

“And we have become certain that we will never be able to
thwart or escape from God on earth.” (72:12)

No, we are not God; but He did extend His long arm of
Justice through us. And may Osama bin Laden get
exactly what he deserved.


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