What Is The Matter With Thee?

In the Name of the Kind and Beautiful Precious Beloved Lord

What is the matter with thee?
Why the dread and melancholy?
Simply because you must go without food?
Your disposition sours and dark is your mood?

What is the matter with thee?
Why from this blessed month do you flee?
Simply because from drink you must abstain?
You shake in fear and grimace in disdain?

It is only for a time that is truly short
That you must fast and wait in this sort
Do not fear, my weak and pathetic soul
You will have your drink and dinner roll

Yet, don’t you see and actually realize?
Don’t you stop and think to recognize?
That as you frown because you can’t take a sip,
You will embark on an everlasting sacred trip?

Don’t you see and pause to think?
That beyond that sweating, ice-cold drink
Is a world of blessing as far as you can see
Full of His Bliss, Grace, Love, and Mercy?

So stand up tall, my weak and pathetic friend!
As all good things, Ramadan will eventually end
But, endure the pain with grace for just a while
And our Precious Beloved will look down with a smile

So, my soul, what is the matter with thee?
Why shake you in dread and melancholy?
This is the time to live in His Love and Mercy
And for our struggle, the Precious Beloved will set us free


3 thoughts on “What Is The Matter With Thee?

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