The Best “Dream Lover” We Could Ever Have

In the Name of Kind and Beautiful Precious Beloved Lord

Many years ago, Mariah Carey sang about her “Dream Lover,” the man who will love her forever:

I need a lover to give me
The kind of love that will last always
I need somebody uplifting
To take me away babe…oh yeah yeah

I want a lover who knows me yeah
Who understands how I feel inside
Someone to comfort and hold me

Through the long lonely nights
Till the dawn
Why don’t you take me away

She asks her “Dream Lover” to:

…come rescue me
Take me up take me down
Take me anywhere you want to baby now
I need you so desperately
Won’t you please come around
‘Cause I wanna share forever with you baby

This “lover of her dreams” should not be like this:

I don’t want another pretender
To disillusion me one more time
Whispering words of forever
Playin with my mind

I need someone to hold on to
The kind of love that won’t fly away
I just want someone to belong to
Of my life
So come and take me away

She infers that such a person is rare and few and far in between. Yet, all of us have such a “Dream Lover.” All of us have a “lover to give [us]/The kind of love that will last always.” All of us have a “lover who knows [us]/Who understands how [we] free inside/Someone [who comforts and holds us]/Through the long, lonely nights/Till the dawn.”

This “lover” is not a lover in the romantic sense of the word. This “lover” is Someone Who, as the literal definition of the word says, simply loves us: the Precious Beloved Lord our God.

The Lord our God, our Beautiful Precious Beloved, loves us unendingly. He gave us life when we were dead. He gave us sight when we were blind. He gave us hearing when we were deaf. He gave us strength when we were weak.

Every time we bask in the warmth of the sun, we bask in the light of His love. Every time we take in the beautiful eyes of our spouses, we take in the beauty of His love. Every time we melt at the smiles of our children, we melt in the heat of God’s love.

Only the Lord our God knows us the best and understands how we feel at all times. Our Precious Beloved Lord is not a “pretender/To disillusion [us] one more time/Whispering words of forever/Playin with [our minds].” This lover’s love “won’t fly away” and will be there forever and ever. There is no comfort like that of the Precious Beloved, and we should seek that comfort as much as we can.

In every way you look, the Precious Beloved Lord is the best “Dream Lover” we could ever have.


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