Away She’d Fly…

When I first heard Coldplay’s song, Paradise, I thought it was interesting, with a nice melody and theme. But, as I always do with the songs I place in my iPod and iPhone, I listened and reflected upon the lyrics of the song. And I found them to be quite profound:

When she was just a girl
She expected the world
But if flew away from her reach
So she ran away in her sleep
And dreamed of Paradise
Every time she closed her eyes

I understand the feeling of this girl (or even woman): she was hoping for so much from the world, but its ugly reality came crashing down, and it was difficult to bear. And so, her escape was to close her eyes and dream of Paradise, a truly wonderful place of felicity and peace. And it seems, when hearing the next stanza of the song, that her life was quite difficult and ugly indeed:

When she was just a girl
She expected the world
But it flew away from her reach
And the bullets catch in her teeth

Life goes on, it gets so heavy
The wheel breaks the butterfly
Every tear a waterfall

My God: her every tear is a waterfall. And so, it is natural that she would dream of Paradise, where she would at least be happy for a short time, "every time she closed her eyes." It makes me think of these hard times, when so many people are suffering from deprivation, hunger, war, famine: it is hard – nay, impossible – to endlessly endure such difficulty without having an escape of some kind. For this girl or woman, it was closing her eyes and dreaming of Paradise.

We should all try to do the same: try to find a place, whether in our mind, or in a park, or on a beach, or in our house, where we can escape the madness of this world and be in a sort of "Paradise." For me, this escape should be in my daily prayer: where I leave this world and enter into the presence of the Lord and have a conversation with Him. Yet, sadly, I am too weak for this to happen for me. My faith is not strong enough for me to go to Paradise five times daily. I am truly sorry for this, but I am what I am.

Yet, my own "waterfall tears" fell when I heard this part of the song:

In the night, the stormy night, she’ll close her eyes
In the night, the stormy night, away she’d fly
And dreams of Paradise

I thought of my eldest daughter, who passed away on June 7, 2009. On the last night of her life, she was suffocated under the crushing weight of a "stormy night." The infection ravaged her poor, defenseless body, and she had no chance. And thus, later that morning, she "flew away" to her Lord. And I – along with my wife – was left crying out in unbearable pain at her loss. It has been more than two years, but it is still so hard. And when I heard these words in the song, I couldn’t help but cry. This feeling is especially raw because her birthday is today: December 30. I miss her so much, and it is going to be quite hard working today, having to write 12/30 over and over again in my patients’ hospital charts. Lord help me.

Yet, despite the darkness, there is always hope. Yes, every single day, my wife and I endure the pain of the loss of our daughter. But, the Lord has also blessed us, as His word states: "Verily, with every hardship comes ease. Verily, with every hardship comes ease." (94:6-7) He has comforted us a lot ever since that dark, dark day in June 2009. And thus, all of us, should never lose hope. There can always be a better day. It is just as the song says:

And so lying underneath those stormy skies
She’d say, "I know the sun must set to rise."
This could be Paradise

While I don’t think this world – as a whole – "could be Paradise," still, there is always hope. We must always hold on to hope, because without hope, it is quite hard to keep going in the midst of the darkness of this world and, in fact, the human condition. Without hope, there is no way I can endure working today, my late daughter’s birthday. Indeed, the "sun must set to rise," and just as, God willing, I will make it through this terrible date, we shall, God willing, make it in the end. That is because, the Lord our God is an Awesome God.


2 thoughts on “Away She’d Fly…

  1. Sir, I just lost my Father while he was in poor health at the age of 66 67 this month He passing was very sudden. I found him in his bed room this past monday my sister and I tried to revieve him but he passed away ……The last of his Family just left today going back to thier homes so my Mom and my sister nephew will be all lone for the frist time..the affects ig grief is just now setting in as I have no time to think apoun he passing wow did this week pass for fast a blink of a eye. Now as I sit here i truely feel lost and alone….You see I am 45 yers old and my Dad and I have not had a relationship since I moved out after fitting with him when I was 16. Due to choices in my life I was forced to move back into his house just 7 months ago. He weclomed me with open arms as i entered his home having lossing everything. I only had one pair of clothes my own familhy left me( with good reason) I was so high up the ” coprate ladder” I had done in my family what no one had done. I was making 6 figures by age 39 the my world came crshing down on me for the so many times i cant count…It took me so many years and hard work to get thier and lost everything in just 6 months…So 7 months later I sit here still broke still lost having gotten a day labour job on my secound day I was exposed to toxix chicecials. in hospital with cloaspe lung they found a 10.5 renal mass cancer on my kindny and 40 percent blocked arturis. I had to be at surgery Feb 3rd to take out my kindney 5 30 am my dad is dressed and ready to go.I was so greatful and thankful came as his legs kness makes it almost impossible for to get out much less at 530 am..He was thore for me.Dad I am so sorry for hating you for the past 30 years of my life hoe dare me hate the man that help give me life…He was a good man never judge anyone. I questioned why a God would take a Good man and leave me behind? of you would know me you know of a selfless self center man bad husband bad father of two marriges…any sorry for the rabbling all I was going to say was thank you for your wrtting of thismeaning of this song I came agross never heard of it until today and i two stared to look for the words meaning as it cought me off gaurd very deep and thats how I came across your writting. thank for letting vent and thank you for your time.

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