“God, Faith, and a Pen” Is Back!

In the Name of God: The Infinitely Merciful and Compassionate Beloved Lord

After a long hiatus, I am proud to announce that God, Faith, and a Pen is back! I had moved my main area of writing to ChicagoNow, which was a great run. But, I realized that I needed another outlet for my writing, particularly for a Muslim audience. Thus, I decided to bring back God, Faith, and a Pen. Many of my “Muslim-focused” posts did not fit that well in ChicagoNow. They should fit very well on this site.

I am still actively writing on my Beliefnet column, and I encourage you to check that site out regularly. Yet, God, Faith, and a Pen will once again be the home of a good deal of my writing, especially with topics that cater to a Muslim audience. Looking forward to seeing all of you on all of my columns and blogs.



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