Those Muslims in Bridgeview Did Nothing Wrong, Either

In the Name of God: The Infinitely Merciful and Compassionate Beloved Lord

Today, Muslims in the Chicago area are on high alert after alleged online threats were made against a mosque in South-suburban Chicago:

“F – – – – – – Muslims burn down christian churches in France! We got to start breaking some rules putting these n – – – – – in check


I’d like to start with that mosque down the street . . . Eye for an eye tooth for a tooth

And then someone else chimed in:

Haha . . . yep . . . maybe we should walk down the middle of the street without a worry in the world like they do shootin every one of them!!!!

Authorities, who have taken this threat very seriously and are actively investigating, have determined that the poster lives in the same community as the mosque.

What have these Muslims in Bridgeview to do with what has happened in France? What do these Muslims have to do with the terror of KIL (aka, “ISIS”)? Why should these Muslims be attacked in “revenge”?

Is this right? Is this proper? Absolutely not. This is as wrong as a crazy Muslim fanatic attacking an American for the crimes – real or imagined – of America around the world.

And for the record, Muslims are not burning down churches in France. But, a whole host of mosques have been attacked in France in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attack. Any violence against anyone – in the name of anything – is wrong and must be condemned.

May the Precious Beloved protect all of us from the violence of the hateful and intolerant, Muslim and non-Muslim alike.


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