Muslims in Tunisia Form Human Shields To Protect Others From Being Killed

In the Name of God: The Extremely, Eternally, and Everlastingly Loving and Caring

In the aftermath of the terrible attack on innocent vacationers in Tunisia, there was a photo of “onlookers” who appeared to be watching the gunman kill innocent people on the beach. The truth, however, has come out. Tunisian workers actually formed a human shield to prevent the terrorist from killing more people. One of them, 18-year-old Ibrahim Al Ghoul, told the Guardian:

At that point, we opened our breasts against the bullets. I felt he wouldn’t shoot at so many Arabic people in front of him.

British citizens who escaped the attack corroborate this story:

John Yeoman, who was on holiday with his wife at a neighbouring resort when the shooting began, tweeted: “Those in the background formed a human shield to protect another hotel they are not watching they saved many lives.”

Another man spoke of a similar experience:

This man told her that he and his girlfriend were on the beach on Friday when the attack started. A hotel chef came running towards them, telling them to run for their lives.

“He was the one who told them that the line of people they could see ahead of them were staff from the hotel,” Mrs Yeoman said.

“He said to this couple that they were telling the gunman ‘you’ll have to get past us and we’re Muslims’. Obviously I don’t know the exact words but that was pretty much what they were saying.

“They’d actually made a human barricade – ‘you’re not going to get past us, you’ll have to kill us.’”

In fact, the savage was only killed after a local man dropped roof tiles on his head:

Local builder Mayel Moncef told Channel4News he could see Rezgui from the roof of a building as the gunman ran from the beach to an alleyway in an attempt to escape.

Moncef grabbed loose tiles from the roof of the building and threw them down onto the head of Rezgui, who began to fire his gun erratically in the street. It was at this point that police shot and killed Rezgui.

Moncef told the broadcaster that he saw a grenade roll out of Rezgui’s hand after he was shot by police.

“All I did was my duty, the duty of any Tunisian and any Muslim,” he told Channel 4 News.

This is the truth and reality of Islam and Muslims. So many want to point to the actions of this savage and other terrorists as the reality of Islam and Muslims. Yet, their crimes are the very antithesis of everything Islam teaches. ISIS is not Islam. This savage in Tunisia is not the reality of the vast, vast, vast majority of Muslims around the world.

No matter how many times the lie about Islam being “violent” get peddled around, the truth is quite different. The truth about Islam and Muslims is embodied in the actions of these brave Tunisians who risked their lives to save others. May God bless them, and may God comfort all those who suffered loss in this terrible attack.


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