In the Wake of Brussels: My Perpetual Condemnation – Again

In the Name of God: The Extremely and Eternally Loving and Caring 

I leave aside the fact that no other community is expected to condemn the actions of its criminal fringe. I leave aside the fact that the perverse logic of assigning blame to the whole for the actions of a few tends to be applied to Muslims preferentially. I leave aside the fact that most of the victims of “Islamic terror” are other Muslims themselves. I leave aside the fact the attention of the world to acts of terror in Western countries is much more than that in Muslims countries (see recent attacks in Turkey and compare for yourself).

I put all of that aside today. I put all that aside and condemn what happened in Brussels – which took the lives of 34 people – with all of my heart, all of my soul, and all of my mind.

It’s very true that such terror is being rained on scores of innocent Muslim populations by their own governments on a daily basis. It’s very true that terror has no religion or ethnic group or nationality. It’s true that Western governments have supported brutal dictatorships in the Muslim majority world to serve geopolitical interests. That is all true.

That’s does not even begin to justify, however, attacking innocent people anywhere in the world. And just as the double standards with respect to Muslims and Islam must be called out every time, terror in the name of Islam must also be called out and condemned for what it is: pure unadulterated evil.

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Dr. Hassaballa Featured in PRI’s “The World”

In the Name of God: The Extremely and Eternally Loving and Caring

By the grace of God, I was featured on PRI’s “The World” show today, discussing the Muslim condemnation of ISIS. It is a great honor for me, as I am a big fan of the show. I discussed how ISIS’ invoking God to justify their savagery is blasphemy:

The fact that ISIS kills in the name of Islam is what disturbs Hesham Hassaballa the most. He’s a physician from Chicago who blogs at BeliefNet. In Hassaballa’s view, the extremists of ISIS are committing the sin of blasphemy.

“We live in a time when religious faith may not be important to many people. It still is to me. It’s still a very precious gem and jewel that I hold onto very strongly. So, if someone, some savage, tries to take that precious thing and defile it with murder … barbarism … coldhearted bloodthirstiness, that’s offensive,” Hassaballa says.

“I’m not going to fight [ISIS] on the battlefield, but what I can do is speak out against them in the strongest manner possible.”

May God rid us of the scourge of these savages once and for all. Amen.

Why ISIS and Their IlK Fill Us With Outrage

In The Name of God: The Infinitely Merciful and Compassionate Beloved Lord

Let us leave aside the fact that the barbarians – “extremists” is too kind a word – of ISIS, the Taliban, Boko Haram, and others are murderous psychopaths. Let us leave aside the fact that these monsters are sick, depraved animals – “human beings” is too inaccurate a word. Let us leave aside the fact that these criminals are the very antithesis of civilization.

The actions of these so-called “holy warriors” are truly heinous: killing innocent people without any regard; enslaving women and girls – in complete contravention to basic human decency – to fulfill deviant sexual desires; destroying religious shrines and houses of worship. These actions are enough to fill any decent human being with outrage, and they do fill me with outrage.

Yet, what makes these despicable acts even more horrific in my eyes is the fact that they try to justify their actions using Islam. They claim that Islam gives them sanction for all the ugly crimes they commit. They claim that they are following the “true teachings” of Islam, and all those who oppose their sick and twisted views are “infidels” and “apostates.”

I swear by the Holy Face of God that their claims are false…utterly false to the core.

What these people are doing is resurrecting the barbarism of old – the barbarism that Islam came to eliminate – and cloaking it with the sacred garb of Islam. All that they do: their murder, their rape, their destruction, has nothing to do with Islam, even if they claim the opposite. No. It is the Ignorance of Old, Jahiliyah in Arabic, and no matter how hard they try, the effort to cover this ugliness with beauty of Islam falls flat on its face.

Our religion is too precious to be used by these barbarian criminals as cover for their crimes. Our religion is too pure to be hijacked by this tiny fringe of the global Muslim community. Our religion is too sacred to be even touched by the blood-soaked hands of these satanic deviants.

The fact that they even dare extend their hands and try to touch our religion fills me with outrage. And it has also filled the overwhelming majority of Muslims the world over with outrage. That’s why the barbarians and their filth has been roundly condemned and rejected.

Now, let me say this: I can almost hear detractors yelling out to me: “Where is your outrage at the crimes committed by America? Where is your outrage at the innocents killed by your drones; or the torture by your CIA?

Of course, these things are wrong, and they must stop. And I perpetually condemn all violence against the innocent: I always have, and I always will.

Yet, I also cannot stay silent with there are people who use the Holy Name of our God in vain with their violence; I cannot stay silent when they defile the fabric of our beautiful faith with the stains of their filth; I cannot stay silent when they spit in the face of our Prophet by attributing their crimes to his shining Tradition.

Our religion is too precious for that.